Weber Industries was approached to help develop a range of sculptural tables designed by Ochre. Working closely with the client we produced a new methodology for the rationalisation of the complex geometry of the curved forms that characterise the Willow design.

Where previous iterations had been fashioned by hand, the in-house 3D design capabilities at Weber Industries facilitated the production of bespoke moulds for batch manufacture. The aluminium table bases are welded and finished in our studio before final assembly. 

As the Willow range includes oval, rectangular and console models in various sizes, the design development required sensitivity in the standardisation of parts to ensure geometric consistency in parallel to flexibility of scale.

Our experienced design team used advanced digital modelling tools to rationalise and build accurate models of the complex curved surface of the table legs. This geometry was developed in dialogue with our in-house metalwork team and casting specialists to ensure a consistent, high quality finish. 


Our in-house 3-axis CNC machine allowed for the production of a series of prototypes to refine the geometry of the table legs. The final geometry forms the pattern for the outsourced production of sand cast aluminium legs. This process facilitates the small batch manufacture of these bespoke tables, while ensuring the sculptural quality of the original design is maintained.


In our studio, the bespoke aluminium components – including the cast legs and CNC-routed table bases – are welded up and hand finished before being sprayed. Table tops produced in polished plaster or oak are affixed in final assembly to complete this elegant object.