Giles Miller Studio, Winterfold Forest, Surrey

We were approached by Giles Miller Studio to fabricate the steel structure for this shingle-covered pavilion, designed to be installed in a specific rural site in Surrey. Working with our partners at Structure Mode we developed fabrication systems that ensured the structural integrity of this public artwork. We also advised on the materials, fixings and finishing of the piece and managed the logistics of its installation. 

Our fabrication design was developed to ensure easy assembly of the pavilion in its rural location.


Mild steel tube was rolled to our specification by JMS Section Benders and the ‘fin’ elements laser cut by Cutting Technologies. These components were then assembled by our team in two halves, enabling the large structure to be easily transported before being bolted together on-site.

“The guys at Weber Industries were invaluable to us while working on our ‘Perspectives’ project. From design stage through to production they were a huge help to us to determine the best way to build the structure to hold all of our wooden shingles. We were extremely pleased with the finished framework as well as their help with arranging transport to site. Their impressive understanding of the fabrication process guaranteed our confidence that they were the right guys for the job. We are very much looking forward to our next project with them!”

Giles Miller Studio