Designer David Elia approached us to produce this exciting new piece for his studio. Taking inspiration from the tea trade in Brazil, this cabinet is designed as a unique home for a tea collection. The production process was developed collaboratively, with our team working closely with the designer to develop the proportions, materials and finishes of the piece as it took shape. 

Each element of SinoCarioca Tea Storage required considered fine-tuning to ensure integration with one another. The complex legs are formed from solid maple, which was machined by specialists Haldane on their 5-axis CNC, and finished by hand on our lathe before final assembly.


The maple drawer unit was fabricated in our studio, where we worked closely with specialist decorative painter Anna James to develop the finish. This vibrant stain captures the colour of fresh green tea, while ensuring the archival stability specified by the designer. The immaculate high-gloss finish, which gives depth and tactility to the final piece, was achieved by our partners at Mechspray.

The cabinet opens to reveal an elegant and unusual bespoke glass spoon, produced by Dixon Glass, which rests on an acrylic shelf with laser cut inserts for a range of glass tea caddies.