Collaboration with StructureMode, London

In collaboration with local structural engineers and long-time partners StructureMode, we worked on the design and fabrication of a complex pavilion based on tensegrity.  This structural system, developed by Buckminster Fuller and Kenneth Snellson, has been used as the basis for sculptural experiments but rarely for architectural structures.

Testing the tensegrity

Testing the tensegrity

The pavilion was the result of meticulous form-finding on the part of StructureMode to derive a stable geometry.  Our input was into the design and fabrication of the structure.  In addition to working with StructureMode on material choice and the design of connection points, we facilitated the production of prototypes that translated the forms generated through parametric modelling software into physical models to allow for further structural analysis.


“It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Weber Industries on a number of varied and challenging projects over the years. Gavin and his team are all really lovely, helpful, passionate and professional, even when the pressure is on to meet a tight deadline. Of course they are also innovative, practical and highly skilled at fabricating all kinds of things using almost any material. They are inventive, knowledgeable and experienced at developing simple, beautiful and clever details or solutions to meet the demands of a project. I would recommend them to anyone who needs bespoke fabrication and values quality.”

Geoff Morrow

Director, StructureMode