We were asked by De La Espada to develop a fabrication method and prototypes for the brass and walnut details of Neri & Hu's Solo desk.  As with our previous work for De La Espada, the Solo desk accessories required attention to detail and a jewellery-like finish.

Delicate brass parts were CNC machined, turned and finished in-house

A solid hardwood tray, suspended from the desk by a bespoke brass frame, was also fabricated in our studio. Final images by Phoebe Montoya, courtesy of De La Espada.

Our design team reinterpreted CAD models produced by Neri & Hu in preparation for CNC machining. This process facilitated the production of several prototype trays, which were machined first in oak and then in black walnut. 

We worked from CAD models which we reinterpreted for CNC machining in-house.

Delicate metal frames were welded in 1/4-inch brass, while other fittings were turned on our in-house lathe.  An elegant brush finish emphasises these crafted metal details.  All elements were fabricated to exacting dimension to ensure seamless integration between these details and the client-produced desk.   

Walnut rail fittings were machine lathed in-house