LOT London and Greenway Architects approached us to fabricate a number of bespoke objects and pieces of furniture for a private residence in central London. Using our in-house design facilities, we were able to generate fabrication drawings and detailed renders that allowed the client to visualise the finished piece from early in the production process.

The 2.5 metre door hidden in this oak bookcase hangs on a hinge with a 500kg load capacity, which was specially sourced in the USA.


As well as design development, we provided woodworking, metalworking, stone-working, and installation services to deliver a range of feature pieces including a large bookcase with hidden door, a linoleum and marble dining table, charred timber wardrobe and upholstered pouff fabricated in blackened steel and brass.

This upholstered pouffe with antiqued mirror and brass accents opens to reveal a three-tiered table.

A master bed and two spare beds were also fabricated in our studio, featuring upholstered headboards and pneumatically lifting platforms. The master bed features two bedside tables and a bespoke ‘art slot’.

Image by Tony Murray. Courtesy of Greenway Architects.

Image by Tony Murray. Courtesy of Greenway Architects.


Utilising our network of expert partners – who provided services such as laser-cutting, upholstery, and stone processing – we were able deliver a range of complex pieces comprising a wide range of specialist processes to an exceptionally high standard of finish.

Three curved mirrors, with blackened steel and diffused lighting surrounds, pivot on a central column.

Bespoke brass parts, turned on our lathe, accent the specially designed hinges.